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We work with a number of private safari guides who are experienced in leading both small and large groups of guests on safaris and expeditions. Our guides enhance your safari by bringing lifelong experience of the African bush, the animals that roam it, and the culture of the people who live within it.

Boris Polo ~ Africa Safari Guide

Boris was born and raised in Kenya. His first safari experience was when he was 2 years old in Amboseli National Park in 1976. Ever since he has been in love with East Africa’s extraordinary flora and fauna.


He has over 15 years experience hosting and guiding safaris and expedition trips around East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Rwanda.

Boris is uniquely experienced in leading expeditions to Lake Turkana in the northern remote part of Kenya. 


Boris is fluent in English, Kiswahili, French and Italian. He is passionate about travelling, exploring, and sharing magical moments in Africa. 

Zarek Cockar ~ Africa Safari Guide

Born and raised in Kenya, and having taken every opportunity to go camping, hiking or on safari from a young age, I have developed a deep connection to East Africa’s wilderness areas.  A safari with me is defined by my wide-eyed wonder at the natural world, from hopping through muddy puddles looking for frogs to slowly roving a riverbank looking for an elusive leopard.  When I am not guiding or helping to design an itinerary from the office, I often pack a tent in the car and head off on safari with my family or friends.

As a “Gold Level” guide and a board member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA) I am familiar with local wildlife, cultures, and conditions. I also hold a “Level 2” qualification with the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA), and a “Level 3 Track & Sign” qualification with Cybertracker, a non-profit network for wildlife trackers. These widely-recognized qualifications have provided me with useful tools to interpret the signs and behaviours of wildlife we encounter on safari.